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Hotels In Kandy

Hotel Serene Grand

Serene Grand Hotel, #113, Rajapihilla Mawatha, Kandy ,Sri Lanka

Located in salubrious surroundings where the cool mountain air induces a welcome refreshing on one hand while nature exhibits her splendor on the other, Serene Grand sits proudly on an impressively landscaped piece of property in Kandy.

Evoking the charm of hill country hideaways, Kandy boasts tranquility, climatic conditions and vacation facilities that are unparalleled elsewhere.

The added feature of this city is its indigenous charm mainly acquired from its famous Kandy Lake as well as the Temple of the Tooth relic. Whether it be a drive, or a train ride that gets you there, it is an exciting adventure into the hills of Sri Lanka. 

Serene Grand with its unique layout and well appointed accommodations captures the essence of this enchanting hill paradise and is guaranteed to provide a fascinating experience to its occupants.
Hotel Serene GrandHotel Serene GrandHotel Serene Grand
Hotel Serene GrandHotel Serene GrandHotel Serene Grand

Serine Gardens Hotel

Serene Garden Hotel , # 189, Rajapihilla Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka

When you arrive in the historic city of Kandy away from the asphalt jungles of Colombo, consider yourself one of many foreign visitors -among them dignitaries, celebrities, poets, writers, literati, glitterati, affluent businessmen, hitch hikers and back packers- who all went into dizzy raptures about its beauty.  Ah, Kandy!
Serene Garden Hotel is situated within walking distance of the city centre and overlooking the serene Kandy Lake. Above all these things, something unique about Serene Garden Hotel: its ambience is serene and the experience blends with the unique enchantment that Kandy serenely weaves in the mind of the foreign traveller, as it has done for centuries. From Serene Garden Hotel, it is walking distance to the Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Tooth) across the road from the Kandy Lake.  This hallowed temple is synonymous with the historic hill capital of Kandy; it is where the tooth relic of the Buddha is enshrined, enduring symbol of a nations sovereignty.
Serine Gardens HotelSerine Gardens HotelSerine Gardens Hotel
Serine Gardens HotelSerine Gardens HotelSerine Gardens Hotel

Thilanka Hotel

Hotel Thilanka #. 03, Sangamitta Mawatha,  Kandy , Sri Lanka .

Hotel Thilanka sits majestically in the city of all cities - Kandy . Surrounded by the mist-veiled Hunnasgiriya mountains and the lush Udawattaekelle natural reserve, it overlooks the great city of Kandy . Hotel Thilanka is a tapestry of colours, like a rich, vibrant, Kandyan painting. Adorned in hues of ruby reds, brilliant yellows, warm oranges and subtle temple motifs, it's like a page out of the Mahavansa . Elements of Kandyan tradition and culture, precious antiques, local arts and crafts, and glass bowls of fresh lotus flowers make up its regal interiors. 

Feast your senses in its luxurious and opulent comfort. Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue teardrop pool or lounge on the deck with Kandy stretched out before you like a picturesque canvas. Trek into the wilderness of the nearby Udewattakelle or the many cultural hotspots and immerse yourself in local culture and history. Be pampered like monarchs at our Ayurvedic Spa or gorge on delicious culinary assortments fit for royal palettes. Brimming with colour, culture and charm the hotel is much like the city it's in - unforgettable! 
Thilanka HotelThilanka HotelThilanka Hotel
Thilanka HotelThilanka HotelThilanka Hotel

Hotel Hiltop

Hotel Hill Top 200/21, Bahirawakande, Peradeniya Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Hotel Hill Top is the ideal Sri Lankan hotel for the budget traveler, ushers its visitors into the cultural heartland of Sri Lanka. Visit the Palace of the Tooth Relic of Buddha, overlooking the picturesque Kandy Lake.See the Kandy perehera, the world famous pageant of elephants, culture and light. Stroll in the botanical gardens at Peradeniya; see the tallest bamboos and the oldest tea plant in the world.Let the centuries of art and culture of the ancient Gadaladeniya, Lankathilaka and Ambekke temples enrich your spirit. Hike in the mountains and see the world spread out below you. Hotel Hill Top is the perfect location in Kandy to explore all this and more.

Hotel HiltopHotel HiltopHotel Hiltop
Hotel HiltopHotel HiltopHotel Hiltop

Queens Hotel kandy

Queen's Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

What's significant about Queen's Hotel is, it's location both in the city and in splendid surroundings alongside the Kandy Lake, and the world renowned 
"Temple of the Tooth Relic of the Buddha". Every country has its pageants and festivals and so does Kandy which has the world famous "Kandy Esala Perahera Pageant" which is held annually.       
Queens Hotel kandyQueens Hotel kandyQueens Hotel kandy
Queens Hotel kandyQueens Hotel kandyQueens Hotel kandy

Hotel Kandy View

Kandy View Hotel 40/22, Hilpankandura, Ampitiya Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

If a perfect and peaceful vacation with elements of style & real living is what you are looking for, "Kandy View" is the place to be. Being a very friendly surrounding owned and run by a friendly Management, what we provide our guests is the best of home life in the most desirable environment, away from home.
Located in the midst of the world heritage city "Kandy", Kandy View Hotel  is built overlooking a beautiful mountain and a rain forest. It is situated 1 km away from the city center, walking distance of 25 minutes down town. We accommodate travelers with a variety of taste according to the multitude of preferences. As Kandy is well known city for its culture, historical value and over whelming environment we assure you the best and the most comfortable holiday along with heightened hospitality experience which is worth for what you pay for.
Hotel Kandy ViewHotel Kandy ViewHotel Kandy View
Hotel Kandy ViewHotel Kandy ViewHotel Kandy View

Hotel Nature Walk

Nature Walk Resort, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Have an everlasting memorable experience in the resplendent sanctified city of Kandy with charming hospitable people. 

Stay at Nature Walk Resort 
On the edge of the forest reserve with the walking distance to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. 

A home away from your home.
Relax in a serene atmosphere inspired by nature but with all modern communication and residential facilities. 
* Panoramic view of salubrious hill clime surroundings. 
* Eye catching flights of graceful bats in the evening sky. 
* Magnificent experience of dawning the day with closer views of frolicking monkeys emerge from the forest on their routine tree-top trails.
Hotel Nature WalkHotel Nature WalkHotel Nature Walk
Hotel Nature WalkHotel Nature WalkHotel Nature Walk

Majestic Tourist Hotel

N0 83/40 Ampitiya Road Kandy Sri Lanka.

The Majestic Tourist hotel is located in a quiet area over looking beautiful Mountains & Rain Forest. We are 1 kilometre out of Kandy City.

There are 14 Single , Double , Twin and Triple Rooms on the first and second floor of the building. The restaurant is located on the third floor and the fourth floor has an open area for sitting and looking at the beautiful mountains and the Kandy lake.

All the rooms have attached bathroom, hot and cold water, and tiled floors. Some also have balconies & Satellite T.V Channels.

The hotel has been newly built especially for foreign tourists and local tourists. We are approved as 'A' Grade by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. We are also within walking distance to the Temple of the Tooth, Kandy Town, Kandyan Dancing Hall, Traditional Ayurvada & Herbal Treatments Centre, etc.
Majestic Tourist HotelMajestic Tourist HotelMajestic Tourist Hotel
Majestic Tourist HotelMajestic Tourist HotelMajestic Tourist Hotel